here we go again

I wanted to explain why my postings have been so sporadic again. Last autumn my family and I were dealing with moving out of state and losing my mother to Pancreatic cancer. Since July we’ve been dealing once again with the very wonderful folks at our local hospice group as my father is now dealing with his own cancer (he’s been treated for four different types in the past 12 years or so). If you’ve ever lost a family member to cancer and/or helped a love one through end of life care as I know some of you have, then you know what we’re dealing with here. Finding focus has been a bit… difficult, but I’m working on it.


The photo of my parents is from 2001, back when things were a little closer to “normal” for all of us. The vest my mother is wearing is one of her own creations. She loved to sew.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Hi Carol –

    So sorry that you are dealing with this. I, too, lost my father to cancer and the only good thing I can say about it, is that you can only go through it once. Stay close to those who emotionally support you and distance yourself from the ones that don’t. And above all – don’t allow yourself to get stretched too thin. I think there’s always a danger in that.


  2. Karen Wetherell says:

    Carol…What a difficult time for all of you. I want to echo Melanie’s advice about not stretching yourself too thin. I was with my Dad when my Mom died and supporting him was harder than losing her. After 64 years of being together it was extremely hard for him to be alone. Depression is a very real struggle for anyone, but especially if you are old and unwell.
    If you can, focus on the good times, happy memories.

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