Mini Poll #2 – Doll Kimono Kit Giveaway

More freebies!

Going back to a project I started years ago, I’ve been playing around with beautiful fabrics and dolls this weekend to come up with a kit that you can do at home. Used for decades in Japanese schools to teach children how to sew, these doll-sized kimono make wonderfully portable projects you can take with you just about anywhere and will teach you a little about actual kimono construction. I am considering offering this kit in two different options:

  • a basic pre-cut, ready to assemble fabric kit with instructions
  • a full kit including paper pattern, fabric panel, matching thread, needle, instructions (everything but scissors!)

Having previously offered these as part of a hands-on workshop, I am having fun putting these together but want to make sure I include everything a crafter would need or want in a kit. You can help by giving me your input on what you consider necessary in a kit, what you would like to see, as well as what you don’t need. This will help me custom tailor the kits to be more user-friendly and enjoyable.

doll_kimono1Which would you prefer? A Basic, or Full kit? Or do you have a suggestion to improve either of them? Reply here to let me know and I will choose one poster at random to receive a free Doll Kimono kit. Drawing will be on Sunday, August 23 and I will post the winner on Monday, August 24, 2009.

doll_kimono2The pattern in these kits will make a kimono that will fit many TY Beanie Baby toys. I designed them this way because the prototypes I had to work with were roughly the right size, and as a parent of small children, I had plenty of Beanie Babies around the house to work with. I can adapt the pattern to fit other dolls, please inquire if you are interested.

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  1. Katie says:

    I think maybe having the basic package for sale and then have the stuff to make it a full kit for sale as an add-on might be the best option. I think both would appeal to different kinds of people. I would probably buy the full kit for the paper pattern…

  2. What a great idea! Along the lines of what Katie said, I like the idea of having the option for buying both. I would also likely buy the full kit in order to have the paper pattern so I could make a whole wardrobe. Perhaps you could sell the pattern and instructions together as a pdf download for those who already have the materials. And I know scissors aren’t included, but I would love to be able to buy a pair of Japanese thread clippers (kuroha).

  3. I would happily carry kuroha in my shop! Thanks for the reminder, I’ll see what I can do about finding a supplier.

  4. Katharina says:


    I found the way to your blog via your etsy store.

    I would *love* a kimono kit, and I would prefer the full packet.

    Will you be offering these in your etsy shop?

    All the best,


    1. Yes, Katharina, these would be offered in the Etsy shop, hopefully by the start of September.

  5. Tricia Z says:

    I think that I would prefer the basic kit so that its simpler assembly would be easier for my daughter- thank you very much- very cute!

  6. wakuwaku says:

    I think it’s a great idea, and I agree with Katie about both kits. Akemi Designs’s thoughts about a downloadable file is also a good idea, especially for those of us that already have lots of fabric.

  7. Karen says:

    The more options you offer, the more of an audience you’ll have to sell to! I’d personally probably prefer a downloadable file but a kit would be wonderful for my daughter who is just getting back into crafting again!

  8. lisa h. says:

    Hmmm…I’d probably be drawn to the full kit, personally.

  9. I’ve grown up around sewing machines my whole life, so I know a little about them.

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