The early bird gets… to wait.

Since moving in with my family in October I’ve had to adjust to certain changes such as scheduling time in the kitchen, among other things. It’s unsettling for all of us to change our routines for one another, but we manage. Since I’ve let my business drift for the past few months it’s been nagging at me to pick it back up, nurture it, love it again and really DO SOMETHING with it. Fair enough, so I start getting up early.

No good. Getting up early (for me that’s 8 am) means sitting at the kitchen table and waiting half an hour or so for my dad to finish making his breakfast and sorting his things. I’ve been using that time to read as much as I can before I take up my first cup of tea. At least I can get smarter, right?

New and restocked sashiko items are being listed in the Etsy shop right now along with some great vintage kimono and haori. I apologize for the odd photos, I lost a really excellent photo set-up when I moved and I’m having to make do with what I can find here. No more plain white backgrounds, unfortunately.

My first trunk show of the year is coming up and I’m so excited!


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