Holiday Sale now in progress

I’ve been sitting here feeling blue for a while, so I figured it was time to join the real world a bit and have a sale for all you lovely people. Here are the details:

The sale prices listed in my Etsy shop are valid until January 1, 2009. I’m not going to be exact since I know many of you are in different time zones and even different continents, so we can all fudge it a bit.

Free shipping on all Obi Messenger Bags – a value of $10 or more.

Cresting Waves Obi Messenger Bag
Cresting Waves Japanese Obi Messenger Bag

$20 off all Obi Clutches – or 20% off, if you prefer. It’s the same thing.

Golden Honeycomb Japanese Obi Clutch
Golden Honeycomb Japanese Obi Clutch

15% off select fabrics – get crafty for less. There are some fabulous Japanese kimono silks included in this sale. I suggest you stock up!

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