Life goes on.

My mother passed away on Monday. She was just 70 and had a lot of life left to live. Our family is now focusing on getting the memorial service put together and we are fortunate that Mom had so many dear friends. It’s great to have so many helping hands in a time of need! Every time the phone rings it’s someone calling to help. It really says a lot about Mom that she gathered so many wonderful people around her.

All I can say is Pancreatic cancer sucks. It has been devastating to watch Mom go through so much pain, especially after her surgery went so well this summer. We all miss her, but I am glad to know she isn’t suffering through this anymore. I just wish she never had to.

KimonoMomo is once again open for business, but please understand there will be delays in shipping out orders as most of my possessions, stock and shipping materials are in bags and boxes in at least three different locations. At some point things will settle down again and we can move on with getting the new stock listed and orders filled in a timely manner. Thank you for all the support!

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  1. Elise Michaels says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure you feel comfort in knowing that she is no longer suffering in this life. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, C!

  2. DCup says:

    Oh, kimono. My condolences for you and your family. I’m sure your mother will be missed.

  3. Mary says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Peace be with you.

  4. Zaius Nation says:

    My deepest condolences. My father died a couple of years ago of cancer. I hope that things get easier for you.

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