The week from Hades, part I

Sunday: Post car for sale on craigslist. Really nice couple comes over to test drive car. I go to move car so I can vacuum out the child residue. Car won’t start. Nice couple drives me out to auto parts store to pick up new battery and even installs it while I’m digging through packed boxes looking for tools I no longer have. Car starts, barely. Test drive goes well, other than that.

Go see movie with ex and my son. Have a good time. Fall asleep early due to exhaustion.

Monday: Take car to mechanic to find out what is wrong. Fall asleep in car waiting almost an hour for mechanic. Very nice mechanic finds the problem. Fixing will cost more cash than I have, and it cost $40 just to find that out. Call nice couple and discuss problem and possible solutions.

Find out getting my ferret over the border into California will be exceptionally risky. Call all sorts of people including local vet to figure something out. Cry a lot. Call an old friend from high school. Laugh a little. Make soup. Eat. Pack boxes, throw stuff out.

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  1. dcup says:

    Yikes! It gets worse?

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