August hangover

I suppose in some ways I’m really ready for summer to end. The heat, the dreary day after day boredom, trying to get work done when it’s too hot to think and there’s no one to talk to except the kids and they’re fighting again… yeah, I’m ready for school to start.

We had a lightning storm last night that kept me awake so now I’m feeling pretty out of it. I’m hyper sensitive to certain stimuli and can’t sleep through high winds, thunder, or heavy rain. Changes in sound, light and barometric pressure wake me just enough to be aware, but not enough to be alert.

The soon-to-be-ex is taking some much needed time away on the coast, and that is good. We’ve had one pleasant phone call and not much else in the past few days. I like knowing that while we aren’t a “couple” anymore, we can at least be very close friends. That’s almost better in my book. I’m certainly enjoying having the whole bed to myself, but that will wear off in winter when my toes are freezing and I’ll have to get a dog to keep them warm. I’ve always wanted a Siberian husky. Hm.

Fabulous news from Portland: I will be at Kumoricon Labor Day weekend! They have a booth for me and I’ll be doing a panel at 10 am (eep!) Sunday morning. I’ll be demonstrating how to wear a kimono for those of you who are frustrated (as I was) trying to learn from books and YouTube videos.

That’s all for now. The sun is coming out of hiding, I have orders to ship and a business meeting to attend. At some point I may actually have breakfast and do the laundry as well, who knows? There are also ferrets to play with and school supplies to shop for. Busy Monday.

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  1. trina says:

    the thunder woke me up too and we even had a couple fan on in our bedroom. just me and the kitties were up listening.

    On our recent visit to tokyo we bought a cheap but nice looking yukata for my husband but i never found one i really liked. I’m kind of excited that you have patterns cause i might just have to try my hand at making one that i love and fits me perfectly. 🙂

    thanks for visiting my blog!

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