Naturally caffeinated

I must admit, I was a frantic mess last week. Now that I’m hours away from the Long Journey South (there’s a song reference for fellow Clandestine fans), I’m finding a mellow yet alert and clear-minded awareness of everything going on around me. Maybe it’s all the Shoyeido incense I’ve been packing (and inhaling in the process)?

Wednesday morning bright and early we’ll set out from Oregon and back to California for the third time in as many months. If you’re coming to Fanime (and I hope you are!), I’ll be at booth #404. Come early on Friday to view the kimono panel hosted by the Immortal Geisha herself and get first dibs on all the goodies at my booth. The dealer’s room opens at 2 p.m.

I’ll post when I can, but I foresee many long hours on the road and away from my computer for the next week. I’ll put together a reading list in June and write a few book reviews for those of you interested in traditional Japanese textiles. These are books that I either own myself or check out from the library as often as I can, and you may find them to be valuable resources worth checking out if you don’t have a copy on hand already!

Keep an eye out for lots of new items on my main website, KimonoMomo starting in June, plus loads of new fabrics in my Etsy shops. Just be patient… it’s going to take me a few days to get everything set up and I still need to redo my entire website which will take most of the summer, most likely. *eeep!*

If I get any sleep tonight it will be a miracle.

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  1. Kristen says:

    Yeah, incense does that. Amazing, isn’t it?

    And have fun at Fanime! I’d love to go, but I live in the Midwest, not Cali. 😦 I can’t wait for the KimonoMomo updates!

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