oh boy.

Counting down the days to Fanime, I am getting all sorts of crazy-anxious-calm-nervous-flustered-amazed. My biggest fear isn’t that I won’t do well at the show, but rather that I won’t have enough stock. I can just see myself sitting in an empty booth on Monday, and that would be both really bad and really good.

I have been raiding my collection for pieces I can bear to part with and finding pieces I’d forgotten about. This is good as it adds to my show stock, but it also shows me just what a slob I’ve been the past 3 years about inventorying my vintage pieces and new fabrics. Literally every time I turn around in my studio I find another piece that can be sorted, ironed and packed for the show. It’s keeping me busy, which is my current excuse for not blogging more often.

All of this work happens in my mind while I’m sleeping, too. I dream kimono. Every night. In my free time I’m digging through more books (thank you, Inter Library Loan!) and will post reviews of some of them when I can, as many of them are fabulous resources.

Today’s task (among all the others) is to submit new ad copy for Threads magazine. I’m excited about how well the ad has worked so far, and the buyers I’ve met because of that ad have been simply amazing. Honestly, the sort of people who collect and work with Japanese textiles tend to be cultured, well mannered and just plain polite. My buyers range from college students to costume designers to hobby quilters and so many other folks in between.

Enough chitchat, back to work for me….

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