More meisen!

I post nice things about meisen, and this is what I get: more meisen! Here’s a group of 4 nice florals, some of which will be for sale on ebay this week. You can find my listings at KimonoMomo on ebay.

floral meisen

This next little piece is going to be an interesting challenge:

It’s in somewhat shabby condition and an electric shade of bubblegum pink, but it’s got character on the inside.

Yes, those are peacocks. Kawaii, desu ne? I’ll be picking it apart today and carefully washing the fabrics to bring out their erm, inner glory. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m pushing myself to get all the pink silks I can find out there and into the hands of crafty individuals who will appreciate them. I will work on more bundles of small silk pieces later this week and likely putting them in the Etsy store, so pop in if that’s what you’re looking for!

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