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I’m currently working on researching lead silk, as it’s something you don’t come across so much these days. I do have some pieces of it in my vintage collection from the late 19th century, both in US-sold cloth of the era and (I assume) in several of the Japanese textiles as well. If you have any useful information, please pass it on. So far I have found articles dating from the early 20th century that have been useful, but I also know that those who curate museum exhibits work with leaded silk and its problems, so I will be digging around for more information wherever I can get it.

This weekend I plan to give you a virtual tour of one of the vintage Japanese boro, or rag quilts in my collection. Well, it’s on my sofa and gets daily use, actually, so I think less of it as a “collection” piece and more of as a family friend.  The weather is abismall right now, so photographing it outside as I had planned is out until it dries up a bit.

Also on the calendar is the 2008 Oregon Asian Celebration in Eugene on February 16 & 17 at the Fairgrounds. I used to live in Eugene but have never been to the festival. This year I’ll be manning the KimonoMomo booth with my family, so if you are in the area, come by and say hello. We’d be happy to meet you and talk shop. I will have vintage kimono and obi, as well as new and vintage fabrics for sale.

Thank you to those who have offered textile history and information. I appreciate your help! Please leave comments anytime you have a relevant question or answer to topics posted here, or if you are visiting and would like to say hello. I do moderate all incoming comments, but that also means I READ all incoming comments.  Your input is welcome.

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