musical interlude

We’re preparing for Dad’s memorial service, so everything else is a bit behind right now. I hope to be back to regular posting soon. Thanks for staying in touch, everyone.

catching up a bit

I’ve had a difficult time coming up with blog topics lately. Sales in the Etsy shop have been brisk, and I’m only just starting to restock this week. New vintage items are being listing in time for Halloween, and I am back to bundling vintage kimono silk scraps for your holiday projects.

boys michiyuki with hawks and bamboo

boy's michiyuki with hawks and bamboo

To those waiting for orders to be shipped, thank you for your patience. We’ve been busy planning Dad’s memorial service which means some things have fallen by the wayside. Generally I like to ship orders within 24 hours, but lately that hasn’t been the case, and I do apologize.

teal blue meisen haori

teal blue meisen haori

More to come as I get back on track in October. Thanks for all the warm wishes and kind words. It means a lot to me to know you’re out there!

Deep breath

My father passed away peacefully early Monday morning. I am grateful I could be with him in his final days.

To customers waiting on orders, I thank you for your patience.

To customers waiting for new items to be stocked, I hope to fulfill your desires soon!

In the meantime, please understand that I am working with my family to put together a memorial service, run a business, help my kids with their homework, and arrange my first birthday party since high school.

I will be 37 on Saturday… and honestly never expected twenty years ago that things would have gone the way they did. Never planned to be a single parent, never planned to lose both parents so soon, never knew I’d find so many amazing and wonderful friends as I have in the past year, but life is full of curve balls. Some are better than others of course, and I’ll take them all as they come.

I love autumn and I love apples. Yesterday I stood up in the branches of the apple tree in our yard and picked a few little greenies for a gluten-free apple crumble. There’s nothing like being surrounded by ripening fruit, green leaves, thieving squirrels, and late summer breezes. I wish the same joy for you today. Find a little peace in your surroundings, and savor it. You’ll be glad you did.



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