We’re off to Kumoricon!

The car is packed and we’re ready to go. Hope to see you in Portland this weekend! If you’re coming to the show, don’t miss my panel on kimono on Sunday at 10 am. For details, check out Kumoricon.org.

August hangover

I suppose in some ways I’m really ready for summer to end. The heat, the dreary day after day boredom, trying to get work done when it’s too hot to think and there’s no one to talk to except the kids and they’re fighting again… yeah, I’m ready for school to start.

We had a lightning storm last night that kept me awake so now I’m feeling pretty out of it. I’m hyper sensitive to certain stimuli and can’t sleep through high winds, thunder, or heavy rain. Changes in sound, light and barometric pressure wake me just enough to be aware, but not enough to be alert.

The soon-to-be-ex is taking some much needed time away on the coast, and that is good. We’ve had one pleasant phone call and not much else in the past few days. I like knowing that while we aren’t a “couple” anymore, we can at least be very close friends. That’s almost better in my book. I’m certainly enjoying having the whole bed to myself, but that will wear off in winter when my toes are freezing and I’ll have to get a dog to keep them warm. I’ve always wanted a Siberian husky. Hm.

Fabulous news from Portland: I will be at Kumoricon Labor Day weekend! They have a booth for me and I’ll be doing a panel at 10 am (eep!) Sunday morning. I’ll be demonstrating how to wear a kimono for those of you who are frustrated (as I was) trying to learn from books and YouTube videos.

That’s all for now. The sun is coming out of hiding, I have orders to ship and a business meeting to attend. At some point I may actually have breakfast and do the laundry as well, who knows? There are also ferrets to play with and school supplies to shop for. Busy Monday.

So I took a little vacation…

…and forgot to tell you all. Sorry about that. I bundled up my two kids and we drove from Central Oregon to Central Colorado on Monday, Aug. 4. It was interesting from my perspective, having been interested in geology since I was a wee nipper, but the kids were less impressed than I was. While I found the endless monotony and rolling desert of Wyoming to speak of Ice Age glacial turmoil, melt and flow, they just saw… blah. Two day’s worth of blah.

Once we hit Boulder and Denver, things got more interesting. Having survived being eaten alive by mosquitoes in Utah, the climate in Colorado was much more pleasant. We were given a tour of Shoyeido’s US office by the very lovely Maryanne, then joined her and her husband for tea and dinner at Dushanabe Tea House, which I highly recommend. The farmer’s market was in full swing, and my daughter bought peaches for our dessert. We sat outside and enjoyed the cool evening breeze until dark storm clouds rolled in, the winds picked up, and it started to rain. Inside the Tea House was stifling hot, but ever so beautiful. The food was delicious and elegantly prepared, not to mention quite reasonably priced.

Today we returned, after an almost 20 hour drive. It would have been shorter, but I missed a highway turnoff and ended up driving an hour in the wrong direction just after we re-entered Oregon. Thanks to my son and his quick thinking (“Mom? could I see the map for a minute?”) we turned around and headed back before we ended up in Portland. I had an 8 hour nap (bliss!) and will likely hit the pillows again soon. I have a lot of sleep and dreaming to catch up on.


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